Band Bios from the original Vlad The Inhaler Beginnings website

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Vlad The Toker & Vlad The Watcher Band Bios originally from the now offline Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels Website, then later added to the Vlad The Inhaler Beginnings website after Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels and Pseudo Vlad united back into Vlad The Inhaler. (So actually this Vlad website revamp combines 3 websites! LOL!). The two profiles are best read after reading Chapter III: Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels.

Vlad The Wall Bio from the last version of The Beginnings site is best read after Chapter V: The Implosion


Vlad The Enforcer

The driving force behind Vlads armys, The Enforcer makes sure Vlad’s prophesy’s come to fruition. The Impaler and The Inhaler both know they can call on The Enforcer to make sure their bidding is done. As furiously and viciously as The Enforcer beats on the drums, is as furious and viscous as he will enforce their word. With great powers, and much cynicism The Enforcer has destroyed many a pedestal.


Vlad The Enforcer has been known in many groups under different personas. As a member of The Clan (Spelled with a C so as not to be confused with The KKK), he is known as The Madman or expanded to The Master of Madness and Maniacal Mayhem. As the driving force of The Gladiators of Pain, he was known under the same names as in The Clan.

Shortly after The Madman arrived on the scene at Jersey City State College, the name The Death Dealer was bestowed upon him by his Audio and Recording teacher Vin. The name stems from a Frank Frazetta painting of the same name that the Madman wore a shirt of.

It was in the JCSC Media Building that the man who would come to be known as The Enforcer first met the man who would come to be known as The Whip. Then later in this same building, the duo first met the one who would become The Beholder through the one who would become the Begrudging. 

Drumming History

The Enforcer has been playing the drums over 40 years. It started the summer after third grade at Leonardo Grade School. Throughout grade school after that he was in the school band program, but not the actual band. The reason for this was the clarinetists and various other people complained that he was too loud. The young Enforcer knew that he should be in the spotlight, and being non-conformist even at such a young age, he refused to play softer.

At the entrance to Bayshore Middle School, the band director asked The Enforcer to be in the band here. But The Enforcer felt that at this point, school band was very uncool, and he didn’t need the band. But the second year, The Enforcer came to a realization. That realization was this: school band seventh period, was AHELLUVA lot cooler then something that would require homework. Plus there were several class trips he would get to take. So he joined.

Time for Middletown High School South. A class was offered to musicians where you didn’t have to be in the actual band. Now here was a cool deal. A class with no homework, but he wouldn’t have to be waste his weekends marching around a dumb football field. The Enforcer took part in this sweet deal. But as the year ended it was decided that the class was not to be offered again, because The System had to cut back somewhere. So of course like ANY School System does, they took from the music budget. The band teacher asked The Enforcer to be in the Marching Band the next year. Reluctant at first, The Enforcer pondered.

At the last minute, The Enforcer decided Ah what the Hell. As a member of The Marching Band he realized it was a lot of fun. By senior year The Enforcer had earned the Title of Head Drummer. He really should have been Head Drummer in his Junior year, but that was against tradition. But The Enforcer knew the deal, and waited. To verify the fact that he should have had this title junior year, so you don’t think I am just full of shit. There was a plaque of some award for drummers only. That too was only for seniors. To sum it up The Enforcer(once he became a senior) was the first person to earn that award in two or three years. The previous Head Drummer had not earned it, nor the one before him.

The Enforcer at this point had free reign over the band, and got together with some of the other musicians, to get a sideline band going for the football games. They had the drum set out there, bass guitar, guitar, keys and amps (of course) and they played rock tunes Born to be Wild, ect. Everyone loved it; the spectators, the football players, the other band members, everyone. Except the richy-bitchy all popular cheerleaders. They felt it interfered with their cheering time, and were jealous that they had lost the spotlight. Instead of competing for the spotlight they complained and bitched and whined and the music stopped.

The Enforcer as stated before attended Jersey City State College (Yea, Yea, University. Without The Death Dealer, that never would have happened) for Media Arts. But the original reason The Enforcer picked this school was the music program. Fellow Gladiator of Pain and close friend, Steve was currently attending and spoke of a great music program. The Enforcer enlisted, but only stayed in the music program for half a semester. At this point he realized that the type of job he would get from this program really didn’t interest him, and he didn’t need the training even if it did. He had a real good drum teacher Barry from outside of school, and that was all he needed.

Though only in the music program for a half a year The Enforcer played many concerts, along with Tom from the band Snag, Clarence, and some others. These performances included The Operetta Die Fleidermouse, and various concerts with The Symphony of Winds And Percussion, and The Percussion Ensemble. As a favor to the teacher of The Percussion Ensemble, The Enforcer and Tom(who was also leaving) decided to do one more semester of The Percussion Ensemble, because the teacher was stuck, and had always been cool to them. It was at this point That The Enforcer recommended setting the drums on fire at the concerts while they were playing. Though Clarence and Tom were also into this idea, the teacher wasn’t, so it didn’t happen.

That brings to a close all the formal training of The Enforcer, other then lessons from Barry that lasted for several years.

This brings us to bands that The Enforcer has been in (up until Vlads Formation). 

The Gladiators Of Pain was the first serious band of The Enforcer as prementioned. This band formed while all the Gladiators were attending Middletown High School South. The Gladiators played speed metal the way it was meant to be played. They started off with covers, and moved quickly to originals. They played many places in the New Jersey area, and had a small but significant and loyal following. They made a demo called A Moment For The Dead, but never really did anything with it other then give it to friends and fans. After several years of being together the rhythm/lead guitarist/singer had to move to California. Left behind, The Enforcer(Madman at this point), and Steve the other rhythm/lead guitarist tried to reorganize. But the bassist had lost interest with the exit of Dean, and reorganization never happened.