If you’ve been following along, Pseudo Vlad and Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels are both now basically half bands, missing the opposite components. And the co-founders of Vlad The Inhaler’s original musical vision, The Enforcer and The Beholder, are still in touch and wanting to go back to what they created, and make it stronger. So together behind the scenes they again work to bring Vlad The Inhaler back together with more members. A meeting was then planned for both bands to hang and discuss at an Ozzfest show at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.


Reforming The Circle

The Impaler and The Inhaler now knew what had to be done, so they agreed to meet and work things out, but it had to be done on common ground. They spoke privately to work out all the datails. Then the day came.

A reunion took place to pay a final debt, so that a second reunion could be accomplished in nuetral territory. It culminated at The Black Sabbath. The Impaler made sure The Enforcer was there, along with The Watcher. The Inhaler brought The Whip and The Beholder. It was a glorious day for all Vlads concerned. As a bonus the concert rocked, and The Beholder insists to this day that it was Rice Puddin.

At this meeting, The Inhaler and his representatives spoke of their vision, and how The Enforcer and his crew were a crucial part of making it happen. The Impaler and his representatives too spoke of their vision, and how The Inhalers minions were needed by them as well.

The merger was to take place Corporate Ministry Style. It was decided at this meeting that both bands would keep their respective names, and missions, but would be one. With both missions taking place, at the same time, and all Vlads together the Universe would soon be theirs.

Under the name of Vlad The Inhaler, they were to write and play original songs, and continue to preach the word of The Inhaler, as well as The Impaler. They would tell the world of how Vlads Army’s had reunited, and were now stronger then ever. Plus with The Original Circle back intact The Rabid Midgets could be released.

Under the name of Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels they would continue to play cover tunes the way The Impaler, and now The Inhaler wanted them to be played, for The Masses. This was to be a source of revenue so that The Ministry of Vlad could grow as a whole.

The only active Vlad(semi-active actually) not in attendance at this meeting was The Volatile. (And The Dragglepail, you know she’s always active. But I didn’t mean in that way, and she is not relevant to the situation anyway. Get your mind out of the gutter.) Anyway. But The Enforcer and The Watcher were sure The Volatile would go along with it. 

The Enforcer and The Watcher sought out The Volatile. Though The Volatile said he saw the vision, he also said that he had a hectic social schedule. His schedule would not allow him to be with both The Impaler and The Inhaler. The Volatile would continue to be with The Minstrels, but that was it.

A period of trying to coax The Volatile to join The Inhalers ranks turned up empty. The Enforcer then suggested seeking out The lost Toker to The Watcher. The Watcher agreed and said that he had actually been thinking the same thing for some time.

The Enforcer and The Watcher went to The Tokers domain. They spoke of The Prophesy to The Toker, and how with the reformation of The Circle the power was great, and success was inevitable. The Toker was interested in being a full band again as well as the possibility of playing and writing originals. The Toker agreed to meet with The Inhaler, The Whip, and The Beholder.

At the meeting that followed, much was accomplished. The Whip and The Beholder were impressed with this new force. The Toker was impressed by the musical preachings of The Inhaler, and the musical ability of all involved. The Enforcer and The Watcher were impressed that after so much time had passed, The Toker was still on the same page musically as them. The Impaler was very pleased that The Toker shined in front of The Inhaler. And The Circle as a whole was very pleased.

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