The End: Embers & Ashes


The End: Ember’s & Ashes

Vlad The Enforcer was contacted a bit later by The Wall asking to reform. The Whip had also contacted The Enforcer asking to reform. The Enforcer wanted to reform but knew it wouldn’t be the same without The Beholder. But nonetheless The Enforcer still wanted to jam.

The Enforcer wrote, placed and payed for ads in The Aquarian to get new members to join the cause. He created flyers and took them to local and not so local music stores. He spent hours on the phone with applicants, talked to many musically inept people, narrowed it down, and made meetings. Although The Whip and The Wall were asked to help in the process, they were too busy. When asked to come to the meetings of who The Enforcer had narrowed it down to, they were mysteriously nowhere to be found. Forces against The Inhaler again were interfering.

Jams were then set up with prospects, and a pre jam for The Enforcer, The Whip, and The Wall to brush up, but the God’s again stepped in to stop another rise to Vlad’s Power. They feed The Whip so much magical nectar that he was incapable of doing what needed to be done at the practice. The Wall got pissed and yelled “That was just stupid!” at the Gods. 

 Stating that it was a waste of his time, which The Enforcer couldn’t argue, The Wall declared he would show up to jam once a full band was in place, but wanted nothing to do with the interview process, or drunken melees. Now The Enforcer had lost The Wall as an allie in dealing with applicants, and had to do it all on his own once again.

The Enforcer narrowed it down to a new guitarist who sounded promising. Other then the fact that the guy liked to talk and had already taken up about six hours on the phone of The Enforcers time.

The jam was set, The Enforcer contacted The Whip and The Wall. He finalized the date with the prospect. He agreed to drive up to JC to pick up The Whip. This was to be a glorious day. Hours before the jam The Enforcer called The Whip, to make sure after an hour in travel, The Whip would be ready. No Answer. Have The God’s again taken The Whip?  The Enforcer cancelled the jam, resulting in another few hours on the phone with the new guy….

A second attempt was made, and a jam set up. Same thing. The God’s had taken The Whip somewhere yet again. The Wall frustratedly faded. The Enforcer finally after over 10 years or so of trying to Enforce the word of Vlad, gave up.

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