Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels was a band that formed when Vlad The Enforcer was approached by longtime friends Scott Busteed and Julio Miranda. Scott and Julio had been doing an acoustic duo guitar jam for bars, and decided they wanted to go electric and get drums. They knew The Enforcer was currently available, and they approached him as well as brought Gary Busteed, Scott’s brother, in on Bass Guitar. After formation The Enforcer pitched the name change of Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels as they were all familiar with the lore and story of The Enforcer’s past band.


Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels

As Vlad The Inhaler was no-more (Or so it seemed). Vlad The Enforcer walked the planes in search of what was to come. The Enforcer joined with some friends, to start a bar -type band. The type of band that plays Cover tunes that The Masses wanted to hear. Though his bandmates were still unwise to the forces of Vlad, The Enforcer still felt the power. The others had heard of the Inhaler, through the ramblings of The Enforcer, but that was about all.

The Enforcer was then summoned, by the most powerful Vlad of all, The Impaler Himself!! Honered to finally meet him, The Enforcer quickly went to meet the Impaler. The exact details of this meeting are best left unsaid, but the key facts are as follows. Vlad The Impaler was very interested in this new band. He promoted The Enforcer from the position of The Inhalers Enforcer, to His own personal Enforcer. The Impaler then ordered The Enforcer to rename this new band in His name. He also ordered that while continuing to play what The Masses wanted to hear, they were to play the songs His way. With power. His final order was for the Enforcer to speak His word to the other members of this band, and to distribute new names to the them.

The Enforcer returned from the hills and sought out his band. He met up with them and spoke of his meeting with Vlad The Impaler. After much deliberation, The Enforcer proposed the name of Vlads Mystical Minstrels for the new name of the band. This name would stand for three things. First, and most important, it stood for their alliegence to Vlad The Impaler. Secondly it affirmed the mystical powers that The Enforcer now possessed, and the others would soon feel as well. The final thing it stood for was their pure unadulterated musicianship.

The Impaler watched the new minions develop through the eyes of the Enforcer, waiting till they were ready for their names to be dealt. When that time came the guitarist of The Minstrels came to be known as Vlad The Watcher. This name stood for his enjoyment of watching people and studying their actions, in different situations. The bass guitar player was then named Vlad The Toker for obviouse reasons.

The final member of the band though was not developing in the way he wanted to, and his ever present want was to be a singer. Though this had been one of the things he had done in the band previously, The Enforcer, and the others, wanted him to just concentrate an his lead guitar ability. For the guitar was his growing strength, and though he had other strengths, singing was not his strongest. Upset by this denial, and pressured by his love of the women with pants, who already wanted his complete devotion, he was forced to leave Vlad behind. In scorn the pants wearing woman became named Vlad The Manipulative.

As the search for a new singer and lead guitarist, suitable to wield the power of Vlad dragged on and on. The Minstrels tired. The search spanned for months, and The Toker got impatient. He faded into obscurity, and though The Enforcer and The Watcher were more powerful then ever as individuals, The Minstrels were in bad shape. The Impaler was not happy, but he knew that it was not The Minstrels fault. He knew that noone out there was worthy of bearing his Crest. Except for- no its not possible.

The Minstrels then happened upon a good bass played with a bad attitude. Two qualitys that would impress the Impaler. This new force breathed new life into the Minstrels, and they became stronger then they had been in a long time. The Enforcer and The Watcher said screw a singer, and took the duty on themselves. The Enforcer prematurely named the new bassist Vlad The Volatile. This new power trio sounded good but there was still something missing, and the inferno that was The Volatile, started to fizzle to a flame. A lead guitarist was needed. But there was noone. Was there?

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