Pseudo Vlad is what the version of Vlad The Inhaler came to later be called, that did not include The Enforcer. When The Enforcer moved back down the shore, and after some time of not being able to arrange jams between The Whip and The Enforcer, The Whip started a band with some guys he met where he worked, with The Beholder.


Pseudo Vlad

After The Gods left Vlads Forces in shambles, some time passed before The Beholder and The Whip finally found each other. But there was no trace of The Enforcer or The Inhaler himself. The Whip and The Beholder, searched for sometime. When they finally found The Inhaler, he was under mountains of rock, with a stake through his heart. They dug him out of his stone tomb, and pulled the stake from his heart. The Inhaler returned to life, but was weak. They pulled him into a nearby cave to rest.

After sometime The Inhaler was well again, but not fully. With a third of The Circle unaccounted for, so was a third of his powers. After the search turned up no Enforcer, It was time to try and move on. The Mission must continue. A new drummer was brought into The Inhalers ranks. This new force came to be known as Vlad The Addict. Vlad The Addict strengthened The Inhaler but not by much.

In an attempt to fill the void, a new bass player was also brought in. This would bring more power to The Inhaler, plus he would be able to draw more power from The Whip as The Whip would now only be concentrating on one thing. With Vlad The Procrastinator now on the bass The Inhaler was getting alot more of his power back, and he felt in time he would be as strong as he once was.

Vlad The Inhaler played several shows in the Jersey City area and even got a write up in the Aquarian. The Inhalers minions were excited , and The Inhaler put on a happy face, but he was still incomplete. He felt now that he was as strong as he was going to get with this new ensemble. He kept quiet to The Beholder and The Whip though, hoping that he was wrong. Plus he knew that if they knew, it would bring them down, and he didn’t want to upset his only sources of power.

But he wasn’t wrong. Vlad The Beholder and Vlad The Whip continued to get more powerful individually. The duo were actually stronger then they had ever been. But as far as the combined powers of The New “Circle”, they were weaker then they had been with The Enforcer. As for The Addict, well his feet hurt, and he didn’t know if he was gonna make it. The Procrastinator was starting to fizzle a bit as well.

At this point The Beholder had come in contact with The Enforcer. The Beholder spoke of The Enforcers return, and the replacement of The Addict. The Inhaler was very pleased, and started to feel more powerful again. Now The Procrastinator actually earns his name. (Up until now he technically didn’t have a Vlad name, but since he later received one, I’ve just been using is all along so as not to confuse you). The Beholder then asked The Procrastinator to work out all the details of The Enforcers return. The Procrastinator procastinated, and caused the return to never take place.

The Inhaler started to slip again, and he then learned that The Enforcer had been with The Impaler for quite some time. This disturbed The Inhaler because he had been holding a grudge against The Impaler, for not helping in The War With The Gods. So now he was really pissed. He didn’t know how to coax The Enforcer back to him from The Impaler. He knew that The Beholder had almost done it, but since he had left it to The Procrastinator, alot of time had been wasted. Was it too late?

The Inhaler got weaker, The Procrastinator disappeared, The Whip and The Beholder were strong, but The Addicts feet REALLY hurt BAD. Something had to be done. But what?

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