Final Mission Statement. 


Final Mission Statement

Vlad The Inhaler was probably the most unique band you ever would have heard. They spit in the face of classifications and genres, and basically pulled influences from any genre you can think of and meshed them together. The edge was heavy, but you never know what would have been mixed in the pot. Disco, Techno, Thrash, Classic Rock, Classical, Psycadelic, Orchestral, Rap, Reggae, Funk, Punk, Noise, Silence, Banter, and Poetry. An experience with many unfinished ideas of songs, films and stage shows, Vlad The Inhaler could have been a major presence in the music industry, as well as even film. That’s why I, Vlad The Enforcer, gave it so many chances. Unfortunately it is the type of band experience that you’ll never top music wise, as I have tried to deal with other musicians, but most are stuck in one genre, and are ultimately ‘wanna bes”.

I, The Enforcer, and some, felt a true mission to bring this experience to the world. But that just was not the case.