Vlad The Inhaler was born from the vision of Jeff Mason aka Vlad The Enforcer and Russ Bellucci aka Vlad The Beholder. After months of planning and formulating ideas in 1993 about a band that had no boundaries, through late night and on the road conversations, and writing down ideas and formulating crazy musical changes on paper, The Enforcer brought his drums, bass guitar, and PA System up to the apartment he had with friend Thomas Ryan and filled his bedroom with musical equipment to start their musical journey. 

 Thomas Ryan who originally had other musical plans he wanted to pursue, decided to join the Enforcer and The Beholders vision and became the third and final member of what would later be referred to as “The Circle” and was named Vlad The Whip.

The band has faded and reformed many times through the past three decades. The current lineup is Thomas Ryan on Vocals and Bass Guitar, Tony Lambides on Guitar, Freddy Morales on Keyboards, and Jeff Mason aka Vlad The Enforcer on Drums, Bells and Strange Sounds.

Vlad The Outlaw

Thomas Ryan

D.O.B.: 11/09/72

Gear: Bass / B.C. Rich Warlock Revenge, Hartke head, Fender cabinet
Former bands: Immortal Death (vocals), Murderex (vocals & rhythm), The Lowlives (vocals and bass), Polyabuse (drums), Pseudo Vlad (vocals)
Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, Pantera, Danzig, Metallica, Slayer
Vlad The Jester
Tony Lambides

D.O.B.: 12/17/68
Gear: Jackson JS-32 Rhoades V Guitar & Ibanez IC-300 Iceman Guitar, BOSS ME-25 Multiple Effects Pedal Board, Marshall Amp
Former bands: Murderex (rhythm and lead guitar)
Influences: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Danzig, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Lamb of God!!!
Vlad The Bongbarian

Alfredo Morales Jr.

D.O.B.: 07/01/80
Gear: Keys/Synth, Korg Triton, M-audio 61 key controller, PUC+ midi and various Synth stations
Musical Background: Donning the monikers DJ amazing beef/Alfresco/Sel’arom Red (producing 70’s space disco horror for his own enjoyment)
Influences: Claudio Simonetti, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, Emperor, Uriah Heep, Rick Wakeman, Rare Bird and every Synth powered Horror theme ever.

Vlad The Enforcer

Jeff Mason aka Vlad The Enforcer, Past aka’s Madman, The Death Dealer

D.O.B.: 09/11/73
Tama Heather Metallic Grandstar Custom With Tower Of Power System, Mostly Sabian Cymbals & Bells, Zildian, Paiste, Meinl, Roland V-Drums & More
Former Bands: Shrapnel (Drums), Leather & Lace (Drums), The Gladiators Of Pain (Drums & Growls), Vlads Mystical Minstrels (Drums & Backing VOX)
Formal Groups: Middletown HS South Marching Band & Concert Band (Head Drummer), JCSU Symphony Of Winds & Percussion, & Percussion Ensemble
Influences: Vlad The Impaler, Dave Lombardo, The Undertaker, Weird Al & Jesus

With this website total re-vamp, only created due to ever evolving technologies and cyber vulnerabilities, I (The Enforcer) have combined the second (actually first) Vlad The Inhaler website into this website, because I no longer want to maintain 2 websites of the band.

This website has been online in it’s last form since 2007, but was first online as far back as 1999. It was the main website about the history of the band, residing on the main domain VladTheInhaler.com until around 2010 when it was moved to accommodate a new website about the new lineup of the band.  It’s been around all along for true band history buffs, although no-one seemed to actually realise it was there.

Check it out, if you dare…. or care…..