The Final Implosion of the original Vlad The Inhaler.


Vlad’s Implosion

With The Tokers power and hunger being strong in Vlad The Inhalers ranks, The Volatile was fading more in The Impalers Ranks. The Toker was asked to join The Impaler again as well, and The Volitile was realeased of duty.

While The Whip and The Beholder were in Jersey City, The Enforcer, The Watcher, and The Toker were down the Jersey Shore. There were to be two practices a week to accommodate everyone travel wise. But most importantly, with the JC practice in a studio, and the other practice at the Enforcers home, the latter would let the Enforcer actually use his own equipment, being that it was set up differently then the Drum Set at the studio, The Enforcer needed this time on his own equipment, plus the fact that his equipment was superior and offered more versatility in his playing.

Now stronger and sounding more full musically then ever. The Vlad Unit became a machine and started to really start making headway on their mission. It was time to start telling the masses, and a gig was booked.

With the gig ahead The Enforcer requested that the group actually start doing what the original plan was, and go to a twice a week rehearsal schedule. Although this had been agreed upon it was never actually carried through. Up until now all the practices were in the JC Studio, and The Enforcer really wanted to be on his own set with the band, at least once a week.

With this request and a forth comming gig, The Whip vanished. To this day no-one knows if foul play was involved by Vlad Enemies, leading to the disappearance. The gig was cancelled and rescheduled.

The Whip was finally found and rehearsal resumed at the studio once a week, but moral was deflated in The Watcher and The Toker due to the mysterious disappearance of The Whip, in his own backyard. This prompted The Watcher to start questioning the bands stability and dedication, and he started to take rehearsals lightly as well.

The show was played, and sounded great. Although Vlad was the opening band, and brought no fans with them other then a handful, they were the talk of the night. The singer in the band that followed actually broke his leg on stage to try and upstage Vlad, but was only laughed at for his efforts. The night closed and everyone was in agreement that the power was with Vlad.

After the show a car accident destroyed The Enforcers metal chariot and severely damaged his drum set. This definitely put a damper on the night but Thank God no-one was severely injured, other than The Enforcer’s spider drum-set.

With the show over The Watcher exited. He had decided after The Whips mysterious disappearance just weeks before a show that he himself would do the show, then leave.

Still weary of The Whips disappearance, and with the departure of The Watcher, The Toker made a few more practices but feeling the same as The Watcher had felt, faded away.

Vlad The Inhaler now had his original Triad, but was weak. The Enforcer went to an old friend. The unofficially named Vlad The Wall had been playing music for years, and had always wanted to jam with The Enforcer. The Enforcer had tried to bring in The Wall earlier as a keyboard player, but The Wall kept his keyboarding skills to himself. With a bassist needed The Wall was brought in.

This new face brought new dimension to Vlad. Rehearsals were now once a week in the Woodbridge area. In the middle of both parties to accommodate. The Spider Drumset was still laid up from the accident, so for now this would be the schedule. The Inhaler was pleased with The Wall, and work began.

At this point The Enforcer decided to drop The Mystical Minstrels name for the cover aspect of Vlad as it was The Enforcers creation with The Watcher. The Inhaler name would just be used to do minimal covers for fun and mostly again focus on originals.

Vlad grew in strength slow but sure, and the new lineup although one less was looking like it would suffice. But it would take time,as it always does when you need to replace a band member. Vlad was starting from scratch again about 8 years into its existence.

Frustrated by starting fresh yet again this late in the game though, Vlad The Inhaler soon had its final implosion.

Vlad The Impaler disbanded.

Vlad The Beholder moved out of state.

Vlad The Whip got engaged.

Vlad The Enforcer stood alone.

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