Metal From NJ

Vlad The Enforcer

Name: Jeff Mason aka Vlad The Enforcer
D.O.B.: 09/11/73
Past Aliases: The Madman, The Death Dealer, Hollywood
Instrument: Drums, Bells, & Strange Sounds
  Drums: Tama Heather Metallic Grandstar Custom With Tower Of Power System
  Cymbals: Mostly Sabian, Some Zildian, Paiste, & Meinl
Former Bands:
   Shrapnel - Drums
   Leather & Lace - Drums
   The Gladiators Of Pain - Drums & Growls
   Vlad The Inhaler - Original Lineup - Drums
   Vlads Mystical Minstrels - Drums & Backing VOX
Formal Groups:
   Middletown HS South Marching Band - Head Drummer
   Middletown HS South Concert Band - Head Drummer
   Jersey City State University Symphony Of Winds & Percussion - Percussion
   Jersey City State University Percussion Ensemble - Percussion
   Jersey City State University Orchestra for the show Die Fleidermouse - Percussion
  Vlad's Undead Angels
  Enforcer Webdesign, Video, & Graphics LLC
  Dracul Collectibles
Influences: Vlad The Impaler, Dave Lombardo, Old School Lars Ulrich, Triple H, The Undertaker, Raven, Weird Al Yankovic & Jesus