Metal From NJ

The Aftermath

Well we were on our way
To a whole new place and time when we got word the end was nigh
So we changed our course
And headed for mother earth just to try and save those we’d left behind

Armageddon was near
Yet mankind had ignored the warnings
That the prophets made clear
Soon the beast would be here

Well we tried our best
To arrive before the unrest began and anarchy broke out
But we were far too late
For greed, lust, death and hate had already damned our world to the fires

In the air smell the fear
You could see the blood in the water
As truth became clear
Yes the beast had been here

Maybe things will change to the way that they used to be
Long before we came and ruined it all
Take a look around and see what’s become of us
In the aftermath of humanity’s fall
But you’ll just sit there and grin
While Beelzebub feeds on your sins

And now a new world’s born
Where Vlad sits on a throne
Hell on earth gave birth to his rise

Armageddon was here
Hear the echoed cries of the fallen
And the truth became clear
Yes the beast had been here